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Translation Services Solving one of the the biggest hurdles - the language barrier! So you have found the woman of your dreams - but you do not speak the same language!  VSM Service can help you to effectively communicate.  It is true, that she will need to learn English, but for now - how do you communicate?  Until you develop the relationship, how can she be fully motivated - to learn a completely new language?  It is true, that she may be able to translate your letters (and send you responses in English or other language) - but it is usually, at great difficulty.  VSM Services can give you the option of communication, in her native language.  It is completely up to you!

We offer you two types of translation services:

Translation of Personal Letters:

If you choose our translation option in your communications, we will translate your personal letters.  She will receive your letters in Russian, and you will receive her letters in English or other languages.

Phone Translation:

If you wish to have a translator for your telephone conversations, we can provide translators who are fluent in both English and Russian and other languages.  Your lady will need to come to the translator - unless you want to do an International conference call.  Please contact VSM at, with your specific requirements, and wishes.

Translation of Official Documents:

If you have established the serious relationship, and wish to pursue the K-1 Visa, we can translate official documents for you.  Official documents will be translated in the USA, and we will provide an affidavit, that certifies the translation (as required by the K-1 process).  Completed translations and affidavits will be sent to you, by overnight or 2nd-day express mail.



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