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Round-trip E-mail Service to/from our office in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

A way to dramatically increase the speed of International correspondence - to Krivoy Rog! Get your letter to her first!! Get her response back quickly!!

Our Round-trip E-mail Service is an integral and important part of our business.  VSM is proud to offer you a quick, convenient, and inexpensive way to communicate with your special lady in Krivoy Rog (or anywhere in Ukraine, through our remailing service).  We do not charge the ladies any money - for them to send their reply to you.

If you are just getting started to send letters of introduction, to women who have recently appeared (even on other Internet sites) - VSM can offer a way to get your letter and photo to her first.  If the first letter she receives, is your letter - it can make a big difference!  Later, it may be required for you compete with many other men, for her attention.  If you wish to send the same letter and photo to multiple women, we can save these for you on the PC - then all you need to do is send us the woman's name, address, phone number, and service options that you wish.  We will take care of the rest for you.

How to use our e-mail service, to communicate with women from Krivoy Rog.
It's easy as 1....2...3...!

1. Establish an account with VSM
2. Write your letter in an e-mail message
  a. Subject Line:  "to <woman's full Name> from <your full name>
  b. Format:  If your letter has any Russian text, make sure the e-mail is sent in KOI-8 format
  c. Heading of Letter:  Before the body of your letter, list the woman's phone number, address, and any options (listed below) that you wish.
3. Send the letter to VSM Service at

When we receive your letter, we print out your letter and carry out any options you have specified.  Then we will notify the recipient (by telephone) that she has a letter waiting for her, at our office.  When she replies to you, the same options you have specified will also apply to her response (unless otherwise noted below).

Basic E-mail Service to Krivoy Rog includes:

Optional services for Krivoy Rog:

See prices link at left, for table of prices

What we will do:

When VSM receives your letter, we will call the addressee (Krivoy Rog only), at the
phone number specified in your letter.  We will attempt to call her once per work-day, until we have notified her of your letter.

Sometimes, it takes several days for the women to actually come for your letter - as
Krivoy Rog is a very large city (120 km long), and the women must usually take public
transportation.  We will ask the women if they wish to sit and write a response to
you, while they are already at our office - but they may want to take your letter
home, to think.  We ask for your patience with the ladies responses.  We are sorry, but
we cannot give you daily updates.  We will notify you by e-mail - when she has picked up your letter.

If we have been unable to contact a woman for a week, then we will notify you that we
have been unable to contact her.  If you have give us her address - we will then mail the letter, through our re-mailing service (at no additional charge to you).

VSM will keep paper copies of your letters (including her hand-written letters to you), in our files.  If she leaves any photos, for us to scan for you - the original photos will also be kept in our files.  You may request that we mail them to you, by special arrangement, at any time - or they can be picked up at our office.


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