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When VSM receives your letter, we will call the addressee (Krivoy Rog only), at the phone number specified in your letter.  We will attempt to call her once per day, until we have contacted her.

Sometimes, it takes several days for the women to actually come for your letter - as Krivoy Rog is a very large city (120 km long), and they usually must take public transportation or walk.  We will ask the women if they wish to sit and write a response to you, while they are already at our office - but the women may want to take your letter home to think.  We ask for your patience with the ladies responses.  We are sorry, but we cannot give you daily updates.

If we have been unable to contact a woman for a week, then we will notify you that we have been unable to contact her - and we will mail the letter, through our re-mailing service (at no additional charge to you).


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